Patients Implants Anatomical TrueFixation breast implant

Anatomical TrueFixation®

Anatomical shape without an aggresively textured surface

Teardrop-shaped anatomical implants have traditionally been made with textured shells due to the belief that such shells limit implant malposition. But aggressively textured surfaces are associated with chronic inflammatory complications.

To provide patients with the stable anatomical shape they want without the inflammatory complications associated with textured shells, we created Anatomical TrueFixation®.

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Benefits of Anatomical TrueFixation®

  • TrueFixation® comes with our cell-friendly SmoothSilk® surface.
  • Two reinforced silicone tabs (i.e. its “fixation” system) can be sutured to tissue to minimize the implant displacement.
  • Blue radiopaque lines and dots on the implant guide the surgeon in properly orienting it during placement and allow for X-ray visibility during post-op followups to ensure everything has stayed in place.
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