Surgeons Implants Anatomical TrueFixation Implant

Anatomical TrueFixation®

An anatomical implant with an advanced smooth surface

Anatomical (i.e. teardrop-shaped) implants have traditionally been made with textured shells due to the belief that such shells limit implant rotation.

But this has led to a historically unmet demand from patients and surgeons who want a stable anatomical shape without the complications associated with textured shells. To fulfil this demand, we created Anatomical TrueFixation®.

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  • Our proprietary TrueFixation® system features two reinforced silicone tabs to be sutured to tissue to minimize implant rotation or sliding.
  • Blue radiopaque lines and dots guide in achieving proper orientation during placement and allow for X-ray visibility during post-op followups to ensure the implant has stayed in place.

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